What’s To Come…

I’m a few days shy from my one year anniversary of not updating this blog. This wasn’t my intention, of course. 2014 was a complete whirlwind. Loads and I mean loads has changed. I got to the chance to finally visit Spain (my first time in Europe), I quit my retail job, scored the internship of my dreams, attended a shit ton of concerts, met some new people, lost a few friends, learned a few things, snowboarded for the first time, had brunch practically every Sunday (hell I was finally legal enough to down unlimited mimosas) and got around to just focus on me.

A lot of things occured when I least expected it. And it really did make for some awesome stories. But now I’m keeping up with a steady schedule and wanted to finally come back to Along the Moon full throttle. I’m in my last semester of university and I’ve come to a better cognizance of where I want the blog to go. So going forward…

I’m still going to stick to fashion and outfit details. However, I wouldn’t want you guys to expect those often. It’s freezing out here in NYC, and it takes some time and prep to shoot. Plus the idea can get a bit repetitive. What I want to do is publish more of my music writing. If you aren’t aware, I’m a huge music fan. I take it really seriously, to the point where I took a class on music writing for my last semester. The writing can range from playlists, album reviews, song analyses, concert reviews, what-to-look-out-for articles, etc.

I also want to take another focus on beauty. You see, a year ago I barely knew what I was doing in terms of makeup. I didn’t allow myself much time to familiarize myself with eyeshadow, foundation, mascara and what have you. I’ve grown to really appreciate the beauty industry so keep on the look out for some product reviews as well.

My plans for the summer are still up in the air. I may stay in a different city the entire summer, or maybe another country for a week. So I’m also going to make Along the Moon more travel friendly. I want to visit the world (literally) and I plan on documenting any future trips as I go. I really adore the traveling side of the fashion blogging world, it’s such an inspiring and beautiful thing. If you guys don’t mind, I’m going to take a better stab at it and hopefully you find it as beautiful and inspiring as I do.

Things are going to pop up as ideas approach me. The point is, ATM was founded as a personal style blog but I wish to have it evolve to more than that. Maybe I’ll post an outfit, maybe I’ll write a diary-esque entry, maybe I’ll write travel tips, maybe I’ll write about my friends, or maybe I’ll write about what I won’t stop playing on my iPod. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by a merger of cultures, lifestyles, and freedom here in New York. Let’s see if I’m crafty enough to put it all on the web.

Until next time!

– Stephany