RCMA No Color Powder Review

Like many, I RUSHED over to Beautylish after watching KathleenLight’s review on the RCMA no color powder. After trying it out several times, my opinion is simply holy shit!

Yes yes 100% yes it is a Laura Mercier translucent powder dupe. I’ve used LM to set my concealer for so long now, it seemed near impossible that a $10 powder could create the same effect.

This is how my under eye looks with a bit of baking using the RCMA powder. Notice the lovely blur it creates.

Here’s a close-up of my foundation set with the RCMA powder. No white cast at all with flash photography!

All in all, the powder leaves a beautiful matte finish that lasts. And it’s worth noting that this guy brings three ounces of product while Laura Mercier only carries 1 oz.

The packaging for the RCMA powder is horrendous, but remember that cheap packaging = cheap pricing. So I can definitely look past it.

My opinion, I will definitely re-purchase and use for my everyday makeup. It’s a must!

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Best of Beauty 2015


2015 was the year I became a beauty whore, to put it mildly. It was quite difficult to narrow down my favorites for the year, but these proved to be the creamiest, pigmented, and most beautiful products that I would (and have) recommended to everybody.

So here’s where all my money went in 2015 YAY:


L to R: Pur Hydrate & Balance Correcting Primer, Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer, Too Faced Hangover RX Face Primer, Too Faced Glitter Glue

L to R: Pur Hydrate & Balance Correcting Primer, Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer, Too Faced Hangover Rx Face Primer, Too Faced Glitter Glue

I was never on the primer trend unless it was the Urban Decay potion primer. Nevertheless, I researched and found primers that improved the longevity of my makeup (and even hydrated my skin). I’m stupid for having the miniature versions of the Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Hangover Rx primers, but once these bad boys run out I’ll be getting the full sized version for sure.


Lip Balm

Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm

Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm

Chapped lips give me anxiety and this lip balm gives me the moisture I NEED. It’s seriously amazing and not at all expensive. And the mint feeling is extraordinary.



Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in 'Sand'

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Thank you based god for finally letting me find my PERFECT foundation. Once Teni Panosian listed it as her favorite foundation of all time, I immediately went to purchase it. It doesn’t move around my face, it gives a perfect finish (I don’t use powder on my face with this FYI) and it blends like a dream. I would say it’s a medium to full coverage foundation, yet it doesn’t feel like you’ve packed on any product! It’s my favorite foundation to date.


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The Link Between Fashion and Interior Design

The challenge between fashion and interiors is that one’s focus is different than the other. Fashion allows us to conform to what fits our bodies, demonstrate our personality for the day, and evolve our personal style. Interior design is aimed to bridge the gaps of our living and work space from being just four walls, a roof, and a ceiling. Yet I find that both aim to create formations and aesthetics that best suits its owner(s). Who’s to say you can’t connect both?

Besides the idea of fabrics, color coordination, and aesthetic traditions, both entities give the owner the same keen eye of personality and creativity. Your outfit and bedroom space can embody design practices that are just an extension of you. Here’s some examples of home design through the visions of fashion designers.

Below is the former Moroccan home of Yves Saint Laurent.

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And here you have Valentino’s Château de Wideville near Paris. You may recognize it as one of the spots for Kim & Kanye’s pre-wedding celebrations.

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Not only do I find both of these locations inspirational in its beauty and history, but it demonstrates the ability of treating the small areas of one’s home like that of a dress, or pair of pants, or heels. Take the details, patterns, inspirations, colors, and cutting-edge designs to develop something great; instead of just beige walls and a leather couch.

Governors Ball 2015

Another year, another Gov Ball. Below are just a few highlights of my experience this year. I’m still recovering as we speak (!!!) But overall it was a pretty great time for ramen burgers and music.


More photos and outfit details after the jump!

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Topshop x adidas Originals

(Obligatory woaaaaah I’m back to personal style blogging again!)

So on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon I decided to tuck in my gut with some high waisted jeans and stain wear this new tee from a pretty solid capsule collection. Also, I’m going to commit to try sporty chic more often. But I think this makes for a great start.

Shirt: Topshop x adidas Originals | Jeans: American Apparel | Sneakers: Toms | Bag: H&M | Shades: Ray-Ban

The Quest to Brand Yourself: A Tale Of the Young Professional


The tweeting, the pinning, the vining, the snaps. It never seems to end for us millennials, Generation Y’ers, or whatever it is they’re calling us now. When did it get so complicated? And more importantly, when did it become vital for future careers? How on Earth should social media outlets of a young professional “look” like?

Have you heard of comedian Desus Nice? He’s co-hosted a podcast via Complex, was cast on MTV’s Guy Code and Joking Off, and participates in the likes of SXSW. How? Because of his tweets. Perhaps it wasn’t his intention to brand himself as a funny guy, yet it’s what he’s known for and helped jumpstart his career. 

Take a look at what you, too, can achieve for your online persona with a few steps:

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Record Store Day 2015


Here it is! My purchases this year were geared towards RSD exclusives than regular vinyls. Just because for the first time all the records I aimed to purchase were available. Bleecker Street Records did an excellent job of keeping the line calm and assisting everybody. I was in and out within minutes, primarily because I had everything on a list and because I’m lame. Here are my picks!

Top left: Father John Misty’s “I Loved You, Honeybee.” An acoustic version of the beautiful “I Love You, Honeybear” and a B-side! Their LP is also one of my favorites to be released so far this year.

Top right: Interpol’s “Everything is Wrong” and “What Is What.” Must have for me since the El Pintor release. Seeing them live last November also helped. 

Bottom left: D’Angelos “The Charade” and “1000 Deaths.” Black Messiah was the soulful and sexy record we all needed and I also needed this 7″ (no pun intended.)

Bottom right: Run the Jewels aka the holy grail!!!! All the singles on this vinyl are prime BUT the unreleased track “Bust No Moves” was more than enough. Funny story, my friend got me a copy of RTJ2 as a secret Santa gift but that still didn’t stop me from getting this vinyl. The cover art is top notch (is as all RTJ cover art.) Catch me crying at their Brooklyn show this summer.

That is all from me. Happy Record Store Day ladies and gents!